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4 Reasons you should get your child into Taekwondo

At Peak Performance we take a holistic approach to learning martial -arts and in particular the art of Tae Kwon Do. Martial arts are great for learning discipline, respect for others and a fun way to engage in physical activity. Here are 4 of many benefits that Tae Kwon Do can bring.

  • Getting Self Motivated & Working towards goals

In life we all have something want to work to, this requires consistency, perseverance and drive. These traits are developed and nurtured at a very young age. Now, we all know your average toddler has incredible heart, think about when they are learning to grab or walk, they are determined to reach their goal. The setup of Taekwondo with competitions, passing gradings to get your next belt requires individuals to be able to self motivate themselves in order to reach their goals. Taekwondo is a lifestyle that exists outside of training.

  • Teaching them that it is okay to fail, you can always get back up

While training, you are bound to lose a competition, even if it is a friendly, perhaps fail a grading and not always be able to reach the goals set out. While positive reinforcements are important to recognise accomplishments of children, it is equally important to ensure they are prepared to deal with failure. That they are taught that it doesn’t define them and they can keep trying.

  • Social Skills

It is likely that your child will be attending a Taekwondo club with children from other schools. At our club we encourage pair and group work, weather that is holding kicking pads for each other or helping put body armour on. Taekwondo is a great way to help kids learn how to navigate mixed ages and learn how to work in teams.

  • Teaching them that you have to sometimes do things you don’t like

At Peak Performance we take a holistic approach to learning the skill of Taekwondo. It is inevitable that children will like some parts more than others, Taekwondo teaches them that sometimes we have to persevere through tasks regardless of if we like them because of the greater vision of what we are trying to achieve.

Our training consists of:

  • Poomsae - traditional patterns

  • Body Conditioning

  • Sparring

  • Pad work

  • Self-Defence

  • Leg control