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Primary school Programme 

Taekwondo as an extracurricular club is a great way to introduce children to a form of martial arts. The club will allow students to learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo, such as basic blocks, kicks and self-defence techniques. 

Peak Performance SATELLITE CLUB

This programme is for schools who wish to offer Taekwondo as a long-term extra-curricular activity. All satellite clubs and its members are registered under British Taekwondo (NGB). Students will be able to progress through the belt ranks and achieve internationally recognised certificates, as well as taking part in local and national competitions.


Peak performance Academy has developed an introductory course in Taekwondo catering to primary school needs. It is a great way to provide an Olympic sport under the guidance of highly qualified coaches. This course can also be provided during your schools allocated PPA, P.E and gifted and talented time. Have a look at the feedback from one of our school's we have worked with. Click here

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